Who am I? I’m a musician, vocalist, visual artist and child of the the 70’s and 80’s. I was blessed with parents that loved music and surrounded with family friends and relatives who were all fanatical about the music they loved. I was exposed to a large cross section of music and it has all shaped my appreciation and understanding of music. As a ten year old I was listening to Booker T and The MG’s Green Onions, Yes’ Fragile, The Cars’ first album, AC/DC’s Dirty Deeds and Hank Williams Jr’s Country Boy Can Survive all at about the same time as well as many others. I grew up around a lot of great music and it was clear to me that a large majority of people during that time loved music. The neighbourhood  was awash with Genesis, Kenny Rogers and Pink Floyd. It was a great time for music. J Geils Band, Little River Band, One Way, Teenage Head, Kool and The Gang, The Pretenders, Black Sabbath, and Peter Gabriel as well as many others clogged the airways. It was a diverse and ground breaking period for music. That can be said for music as a whole from 1954 to 1994 I think. Shit was changing and evolving like mad. I developed a love for certain types of music around the age of 15 in that I tended to prefer heavy metal and hard rock but around the same time I also started playing guitar. It would take a few years but it would completely undue my previous held ideas about music and open me up to understanding and appreciating even more styles of music. Now, I’m a complete madman. I have listening habits that swing from Mozart to Pantera, Dwight Yoakam to Kenny Burrell, and Muddy Waters to Zapp Band. Blues, Soul, Funk, Disco, Country, Americana, Swing, Jazz, Rock, Classical and Heavy Metal etc it all has merit with me. I’m fussy, I do like edge and/or groovy so so things can fail my tastes hard but I’m still far broader in my tastes than most people. Having said all that keep this in mind. I am a guitar player and as such that prejudices my tastes to a large degree. I listen to lots of different music but I’d be lying if I said my tastes weren’t skewed by that fact. Hope you enjoy my selections!!

Attention all!!: I will listen to and post up deserving reviews of any music you want to send my way. I will only post up articles on stuff that really impresses me. I will make mention of all material that is sent my way that has merit. Even the stuff stylistically I do not like I will mention if it seems to be good song craft. Essentially however, if I think it’s garbage you need not worry that I will destroy it here online. I will share my thoughts with the artists involved but I have no interest in stifling artistic growth. You are immune to criticism but if you’re lucky I may very love it and share my praise here for the world to see.

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