Treasures: Cry Of Love -Brothers

Cry Of Loves’ 1993 “Brothers” Album is a must have for any guitar player or fan of the Southern Rock, Hard Rock, or Blues genres. It squarely falls in the southern rock genre but it offers up interest for Rock and Blues fans in general ,,,especially those who have a keen interest in guitar playing. The band members are Robert Kearns on bass, Kelly Holland on vocals, Jason Patterson on drums and Audley Freed on Guitar. The astute among you will recognize Audley Freed as a member of the Black Crows. The album as a whole is fantastic. You’d be hard pressed to find fault and tonally is top drawer. The most memorable song and the one most people probably bought the recording for is Peace Pipe. Unlike most songs that lead to an albums purchase this billboard topping hit never gets old. It’s hard hitting, dynamic and tasty as fuck. Sadly after their first tour following the Brothers album Kelly Holland called it quits apparently having no love for life on the road. He gets nothing but respect from me in that regard but the bands follow up with replacement Robert Mason just didn’t capture the previous magic of the first album. I think overall that album is technically sound and if it failed it was more about slightly weaker material than anything. I believe given some time the band would have found it’s footing again and replanted strongly. They’re all top drawer artists. Overall the Brothers album is one of the best of all time. It’s absolutely stellar. It’s a must have in any serious rock music collection. It’s that good. It’s edgy, sonically live, and soulful as fuck. Audley Freed’s guitar tone was also a bar raiser in 1993. It was also a shot across the bow of every guitar player at the time demonstrating a truly organic, throaty and warmE guitar tone that no one else had at that time. Even Slash had to have taken note. For me the highlights are track 3, 5 and 9. Those being “Bad Thing”, “Hand Me Down”, and “Peace Pipe” but the whole effort is just killer. Do yourself a favour and track this bad boy down. Sadly singer Kelly Holland passed away in 2014 but left behind one of the best rock guitar albums of all time. Enjoy!

Album available here: Cry Of Love – Brothers


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